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Movie Review: Jack and the Giant Slayer (2013)


Welcome to another movie review by yours truly Mysteriohunter. I’d like to start out by saying I wasn’t sure what to expect with this movie. A good many of these movies that seem to change the stories of old that we all remember so well in the past have been lacking in content. Now before you decide to skip over this movie sit down have a read and decide if this is a movie for you once I’ve finished my review. The movie turned out to be much better than anticipated. First, let me set the scene for this movie. It begins with a tale of a time when Giants invaded the kingdom this story takes place in. You see a strange almost cartoon like video of giants eating and kill everything in sight. So a group of monks fashion a crown made from the heart of one of the giants. A crown that can control the giants. A single man wears the crown and sends them back to their lands. All in all I thought the tale was interesting but how would it hold up to the rest of the story? So I continued on with the movie. We follow a man by the name of Jack, of course. Played by Nicholas Hoult. You may know him from ‘Warm bodies’ as ‘R’ among a few other decent movies as well. His role in this movie was nearly flawless. His lines were witty and his banter with another actor you may have heard of by the name of Ewan McGregor who played a knight named Elmont was incredible and kept me laughing nearly the entire movie. I very much felt his lines and the way he carried himself in this movie had a Cary Elwes from ‘The Princess Bride’ feel to it. Not to say I would put this movie on par with one of my favorite movies of all times. But, The way he spoke and responded to Jack was very comical and had that same feel. I thought the way this movie was filmed was great. Each time you traveled to the land of the giants the colors got dim and dare I say washed out. It gave the land a feel that something was just not right. Where, when you were in the human lands the colors were bright, Sunny and all around cheery. I felt as though this did exactly what the director was trying to accomplish. Making you feel what needed to be felt for each side. I was a little worried about how the giants would look. It was obvious from the previews that they were digitally done. But they actually spent good money on it or so it seemed anyway. The movement was great and felt very fluent. I only noticed one moment that really seemed like it was very much on rails. I won’t point it out but I don’t think I’ll need too. Other than that I thought they did very well making the giants and very well making the environments react to the giants movements. It didn’t take to long for this movie to get going. Once it did it was none stop action. Fighting between the humans and the giants. All in all I give this movie 4/5 film strips. Go out and rent It, grab a bucket of popcorn and sit back and have a laugh. I know I did.


Jeff -aka Mysteriohunter


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